Beltane 23, feeling my herbs and the Living Earth from within

Beltane 2023

Digging herbs on my little aroma-field in the Apennines.
At a certain point, all alone but in the middle of the first herbal fragrances, marigolds and bees, I felt so blessed, so deeply happy to be in touch with the 4 elements today on this very special day, that I layed down on the earth, my head just upon a thyme shrub.

I could hear my heart beating, my breath going, in accordance with Mother Earth. Call her Maeve, call her Valpurga, all names of the ancient Goddess are expressions of the immense life giving power of our planet.
The wheel of the year is also a wheel of medicine, so today I’m sending out a message of love and hope for Beltane. I hope that all of you can feel the forces of Nature, of the Living Earth, NOW.

Let us experience them from within ♥️