At spring equinox

“At Spring Equinox, Aries fire lights up and push the plant’s germ to grow.
Under the sign of Taurus the plants get alligned to earth and they experience the horizontal dimension.
Under the air sign of Gemini plants develop their leaves for breathing.
After the Summer Solstice, under the sign of Cancer inside the plant takes place fruit’s gestation and under the sign of Leo the fruits arrive to maturation.
Under Virgo’s watch the seeds fall to the ground and at Autumn Equinox, under Libra’s sign the leaves begin to fall.
Then under Scorpio’s sign the plant start to macerate thanks to Saggitarius’s fire, which from underground he warms the plant until it become ashes.
The plant transformation into mineral take place under the sign of Capricorn. U
nder the sign of Aquarius, Uranus sends magnetic impulses to the seed, waking them up from the winter sleep.
Under the waters of Pisces, the message it’s fixed in first embryonal’s cells memory and the plant restart it’s cycle.” J. V.

(Illustration taken from Jochen Bockemuehl´s plant researches)

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