FRUITS: bitter, sweet and… poisonous!


Yesterday we found many wild fruits all over the landscape of Monte Catria (Marche/Umbria). Sweet brambles, (still) bitter slows, even quinces. And then we saw for the first time a sort of cultivation (but it wan’t  of couse) of a very poisonous pant with shiny red berries: Solanum dulcamara, Bittersweet Nighshade – never taste them! Dulcamara is an important homoepathic remedy for skin diseases for example after getting cold and humid. An interessant aspect is that the plant is one of the few endemic Solanaceae in Europe.

Foto-0287Before we left the Artino river, we built a little sculpture with seeds and dry herbs and the beautiful pink chalk stones, just to say “thank you Nature” for your precios fruits and this fertile and warm summer.


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