Inland (Borghi in Appennino)

There are places in the Apennines where you immediately feel at ease, a silent beauty and simplicity touches your soul.

No loud roads nor cars, no hurry, no ugly peripheries.

A view like thousand miracles instead, warm sunrays meet my considerations about landscape, I turn my gaze toward hills, green fields and small villages, parishes and castles.

This is the very heart of the Italian Apennines. The villages were enlivened by solid comunities until recently, but now.. I see no kids playing, just hear a dog barking far away and sheep bleating. Far away, a tractor draws his lines on the field. Agriculture is still alive, but there is a lack of young farmers.

After the big earthquake of 2016 and 2017 (and even before) people fled to the major towns or even to the coast.

But now, a year after the tragedy, I dare ask: what can be done to help these places to revive? Which are the dreams, which necessities can enable women and men to get back, to start a new life here again, with an own business, young and old, in these wonderful counties?


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